They keep saying "They HATE Bush..." as if that's a bad thing

This man has caused the deaths and dismemberments, mutilations and maimings of tens of thousands of Americans, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and continues to do it rather than be embarrassed and admit he was wrong.

He has stolen two elections.
He has spied on and terrorized the people who he claims to serve.
He has allowed friends to plunder the treasury.
He has destroyed the military capability of America.
He has destroyed the Social Security system.
He has destroyed everything he touches.

Look at his buddies and the fag hags who are so close to him --- There would be nothing wrong with him being gay if he weren't in such denial as to try to cause harm to anyone else who is so oriented.

All of that is the behavior of a despicable little sociopathic baby who desperately needs a time out -- preferably in some place like Guantanamo.

If killing thousands and thousands of people without any purpose but his own aggrandisement -- all to prove he's more of a man than his father -- if that doesn't deserve the utmost of contempt, even to wishing the death penalty still existed for Crimes Against Humanity, then the people who shout "We've lost our values!" the loudest, seem to be the ones who have lost the most.

What sort of a breadcrumb sin is getting an extramarital blowjob compared to mass murder?

Hating Bush is the LEAST any moral human being can do, given what he is doing and that he smugly refuses to allow anyone to stop him.


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