How bad was it, Johnny?

There was an unusual plethora of vile events in the past week or two -- the revelations of torture at Abu Graib prison in Baghdad; Don Rumsfeld's bland reaction to it: "Was it torture? Or just abuse?"; the affectless meanderings of Dubya --

(I might as well make it clear right now -- I do not and never will make any claim to being fair and/or objective about that smug aging spoiled brat in the White House or any of his family. So don't give me any crap about it. I don't like him or anyone with any portion of the DNA that contributed to his existence.)

...So...hmm, oh yeah, Dubya's meandering Methodist version of "Allah is Great!" playing out his own version of Joan of Arcadia with guest appearances by God in the form of Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, his Mom, and Condy Rice, i.e.,

"God told me to do it, so I can not have made any mistakes, can't need to apologize for anything, I'm a good boy and my Super-Dad told me so."

...The mind-bogglingly cold conscienceless pathology of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's version of Reality TV in the beheading of Nick Berg who only went there to look for work for his company; the revelations of more and more tortures and abuses in other military custodies...

And that's just stuff in orbit around our Pax Americana policy. The number of atrocities in Africa were taking place in even higher numbers than usual. Africa? You know -- that place south of Europe where American interests are apparently nonexistent.

But there was only one act that stepped so far over the line of decency it actually reached the level of obscene. That was the announcement by the father of the late Jon-Benet Ramsey that he'd become so well known via the murder of his daughter and, apparently, his role (along with that of his wife) in resisting the police investigation for years, that he was going to run for elected office!

This is a man who, along with his wife, should have been executed long ago -- not for the murder that can't be proved -- but for the crime of bonding the teeth of a six-year-old child in order to better trot her out in front of those slightly-pederastic events thay call children's beauty pageants. That should be a capital offense.

And now he's so famous, he's going to stand on the bones of his dead baby in order to be in a position to tell other people what to do.


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