There'll always be an England, I think

The English - they top us in literacy, cultural study, language . and they beat the hell out of us in low humor (say what you will, Benny Hill was a genius of low comedy), racism (and you should have seen the show Norman lear adapted into All in the Family), and, other than making cars that actually run when you want them to, many other things.

So, why shouldn't they chart the daring path in totally tasteless, lowlife reality shows?

Check it out: Big Brother company's latest plan: 'sperm race'

TV By Tom Leonard, Media Editor(Filed: 23/07/2004)

Television producers were criticised yesterday over reports that they are developing a reality show in which men would compete for a chance to father a child and then take part in an on-air "sperm race".

In the show, which has been mooted by the company that makes Channel 4's Big Brother, up to 1,000 men would attempt to convince a woman to pick them as the father of her first child by impressing her with their intelligence, sex appeal and fitness.

A second sperm donor would be chosen on the basis of genetic compatibility, and the two finalists would then take part in the sperm race in which the insemination process could be filmed using new technology. "


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