This letter from Governor GW Bush to Ken Lay doesn't sound like Monkey Boy barely knew Kenny Boy at all.

April 14, 1997

Mr. Kenneth Lay
2121 Kirby Drive
Houston, Texas 77019

Dear Ken:

One of the sad things about old friends is that they seem to be getting older -- just like you.

55 Years old. Wow! That is really old.

Thank goodness you have such a young, beautiful wife.

Laura and I value our friendship with you. Best wishes to Linda, your family, and friends.

Your younger friend,

George W. Bush

Sounds more like they were sort of pals, wouldn't you think?

So either Dubya was being a lying, hypocritical sonofabitch in his letter to Kenny Boy.

Or he was being a lying hypocritical friend-betraying sonofabitch when he told us he "didn't really know him very well."

("Mr. President, I want you to meet Dr. Lecter."
"Sorry, Dr. Lecter -- I fear there isn't enough under that skull to make a decent meal.")


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