Where the forgeries came from... perhaps

So it goes like this, the pig with a human brain finds out what specific info about national Guard Service will hurt Monkey Boy, and knowing that the ruling in the Associated Press Freedom of Info Act lawsuit against the DoD to release ALL the remaining documents is nigh (court decided in AP's favor today), forges documents with the damning information and shifts the entire debate to the issue of forgery, knowing that the info therein is forever compromised.

Doesn't take a Machiavelli to do that one, just a nasty, evil, unscrupulous shit so in love with his own cleverness and so convinced of his own inadequacies, he'll do anything to win approval from the 'hard charger' types.

Oh, by the way, the Hollow-weenie Karl Rove mask is courtesy of the "I Love Karl Rove" website.


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