"Christians" on Arafat

Well, there are all these people out there who call themselves "Christians" and posture as if they own the franchise...

And they're all dancing and happy and amazingly crude and publicly insensitive to the people of Palestine who damn well know that without Arafat, no one would have ever even discussed the possibility of an independent Palestinian State ... hell, the Israeli Government still won't even acknowledge the dispossesion of Palestinians' from their land in the 40's --- but that's politics -- this is about the amazingly unseemly behavior of these people.

If they actually believe in that God, then they might remember, when Pharaoh's soldiers were drowned after the Children of Israel passed through the parted waters, and they celebrated --- and the Big Guy, the one these Little Guys claim to worship and obey, The Big Guy said:

"Put a cork in it, you assholes -- those Egyptian soldiers -- they're my children too. This is not a time to celebrate."

So too, you so-called Christians, whether you're blind, bland, stupid, short-sighted hypocrites like Jerry Falwell, or raving psychotic venom-spewing mean-spirited demons like Pat Robertson, or nasty purveoyors of hatred like Bob Jones, or even pyrotechnically brilliants intellectuals like Vanderleun -- if you claim to worship that God but still feel obliged to cheer the death of a man who meant a lot to many many people (even if not you), maybe you should stop someone on the street and ask what a "Christian" is. My guess was always it had something to do with mercy and compassion and behaving toward your neighbor as you would choose to have your neighbor behave toward you (even if he isn't doing it).

And don't get too upset when someone you love and revere dies -- someone like Ronnie Reagan or Falwell or Robertson -- and we of other points of view publicly suggest y'all put a stake in the fellow's heart, just to make sure he doesn't get up again.

(Oh, by the way, Mr. BJ University Jones -- we don't hate people who love Christ, as you claim -- but we really have seriously potent contempt for hypocrites such as yourself -- a hate-monger who dresses in the flag and the cross, a so-called Christian whose sin of Pride is so huge and egregious as to be a source of evil wonder to everyone, a so-called Christian who has no love, tolerance, or compassion for anyone who doesn't agree with your amazingly arrogant attitude that you and you alone know what the Omniscient God of your faith thinks and wants, and that you know exactly how that God created every little thing.

(Yeah, I know -- hit us with The Book to prove you're really humble and so much like Jesus. Hold it up high to prove to us that you're absolutely right about everything, and to even question you is a great and terrible sin, hold up the Book and use it as a club instead of a spiritual guide, even if you can't actually read it the way it was written, in Aramaic, or even Hebrew or Greek.

(You might want to know that many of us actually know real Christians, people who actually try to emulate that man you call Lord, instead of selling him to the poor people who so desperately need comfort and hope, for your own wealth and self-aggrandizement.

(One other point, a correction for the persistent lie you tell over and over: The Founding Fathers were NOT Christians -- they were Deists. They believed in a god that had no Brand Name -- and they had a healthy contempt and distrust for people like you, people who have your unwholesome hunger for power over others.)


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