Guess what -- mainstream psychiatrists have come up with a new excuse for why some people don't respond to their therapies and drugs

I was sent this article yesterday and asked what I thought about it:

For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil'
Predatory killers often do far more than commit murder. Some have lured their victims into homemade chambers for prolonged torture. Others have exotic tastes - for vivisection, sexual humiliation, burning. Many perform their grisly rituals as much for pleasure as for any other reason.

"Among themselves, a few forensic scientists have taken to thinking of these people as not merely disturbed but evil. Evil in that their deliberate, habitual savagery defies any psychological explanation or attempt at treatment."

So all that tells us is that the shrinks are unable to admit that there are some people for whom THEIR science and methodology are inadequate and that some of them have come up with an excuse..
"We are talking about people who commit breathtaking acts, who do so repeatedly, who know what they're doing, and are doing it in peacetime" under no threat to themselves, said Dr. Michael Stone, the Columbia psychiatrist, who has examined several hundred killers at Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Center in New Hampton, N.Y., and others at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, where he consults and teaches. "We know from experience who these people are, and how they behave," and it is time, he said, to give their behavior "the proper appellation."

They describe EVIL as the stuff some people do that scares us.
That there are people who kill and torture and mutilate without having a reason.

But, with very few exceptions, that describes the current administration.

Ok, they have a reason, albeit a bullshit one that changes weekly (wait'll you hear the one they come up with after this phony election proves the've Charlie Brown and the Football'd the iraqi people). So if you don't have a clear-cut reason like the one shared -- at least in public -- by our President/ SecDef/ VP/ NSA-SecState/ et al), you're EVIL.

But wait -- it also involves that THOSE PEOPLE ENJOY DOING DASTARDLY THINGS THEMSELVES -- instead of sending their employees out to do it for them so they can sit back and look at the pictures in safety..

So they seem to be saying that not having an excuse and having a good time makes you EVIL?

Well then, perhaps they should take a good long hard look at the psychopathology of the "Rapture/ End Time/ Destroy the Environment so Jesus Can Come Back and Burn all the Jews/ so-called Christians" as explained in Bill Moyers' article There Is No Tomorrow posted here yesterday:

As the Jews who have not been converted are burned, the messiah will return for the rapture. True believers will be lifted out of their clothes and transported to Heaven, where, seated next to the right hand of God, they will watch their political and religious opponents suffer plagues of boils, sores, locusts and frogs during the several years of tribulation that follow.

and think of the joy in the faces of those Good Christians who look forward to that time.

If the shrinks have got the guts to do that, confront religion -- or at least some forms of it -- as a social pathology -- then perhaps I'll believe they're not just making excuses for their own inadequacy.

Of course, coming right out and saying that what Bush calls that "The Base" is Loony Tunes ("The Base" -- literally, the English translation of the Arabic Al Qaeda), coming right out and saying that just might make some grant money disappear.

And, of course, they're also kissing the ass of the currently in-power ruling class, a bunch of people who don't think psychologists and psychiatrists are worth anything (as in NIH $$), so my guess is that they're embracing that silly talk out of fear OR because the Coup D'Fou is paying them under the table.

In other words, we're on our own -- the Goldwater-Reagan-Bush Agenda is now complete and successful -- no one, not even hard core Liberals, can any longer trust The Government or believe ANYTHING ANYONE in this administration says, nor ANYTHING ANYONE says that seems in accord with this administration says, at least as regards matters of Good and Evil.

We've got to figure they're either terrified by threats, or being paid off, or actually agree with them because they're the psychotic Adlerian thugs who call themselves Christians.

My rule of thumb for making these presumptions?

Anyone who has a bumper sticker that says

"Jesus is coming back and boy is he pissed"
because it's pretty obvious that person just didn't get it at all -- and is also a sadist.

Same thing applies to someone who proudly claims he "prayed a hurricane away" -- Jerry Falwell -- if it actually worked that way, then the jiveass sonofabitch PRAYED THE HURRICANE INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S TOWN.

You ever know any speed freaks? Paranoid, vicious, hair-trigger rages ...

Marx was wrong --

Religion is the amphetamine of the masses.


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