Response to Belisarius's comment to the Pope Post below:

Thanks Belisarius -- I posted this response to your comment on Bad Attitudes here, and I agree -- although I think a true conservative would not be (unlike Senator McCain) willing to governmentally interfere with a woman's right to determine her own reproductive situation. That's theocracy.

I can admire him as a stand-up (sometimes) guy, but not for that. Not getting the govt involved in reproductive choice, sexual orientation, medical (and otherwise) marijuana, literary and/or film/tv choices (whether Dickens or Russ Meyer or Ron Jeremy) -- these and more are all CONSERVATIVE positions -- all Roe V Wade said was that the govt had no business involving itself in a woman's reproduction. Because opposition seems to be all theocratic stances. Hell, Barry Goldwater said it, and he was conservative, no?

"You can't legislate morality."

At this point, I don't care if a candidate is Conservative or Liberal -- I want to see someone who is honest, stands behind his/her statements and decisions -- so in that case, while I disagree with McCain, he fits the bill. So Does Chuck Hagel. So does Barbara Boxer and that smurf with the bad toupee who ran in the Democratic primaries -- can't remember his name. HONEST. INTELLIGENT. STANDUP. and living by the Golden Rule "Do unto others..."

The first money minted and printed in this country (1776) was the Fugio (I FLY), and had printed on it "MIND YOUR BUSINESS" on one side and "WE ARE ONE" on the other. With 13 circles linked together -- a reminder to all the theocratic assholes who want supreme court justices to follow "ORIGINAL INTENT"

Intend this, hypocrites.

Or as one of the few sensible things a woman I used to know used to say, more succintly, I repeat to all of them: "LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE."


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