Tough as nails, and apparently as clever as a bucket of them.

More and more today, I tend to think she's the Red Herring -- an absolutely unqualified crony who helped him cover up the National Guard stuff when he ran for his second term as Governor -- get everyone up in arms, right and left alike, bounce her, and then, of course, they'll all roll over for whomever is the real choice, not wanting to appear contrary.

That plus George Stephanopoulos' statement that the Valerie Plame conspiracy goes all the way up to include the active participation of both Cheney and Bush meant he (Bush) had to make a gigantic wag-the-dog move. (People had been expecting it for the past week, assuming the only reason he wouldn't was because everyone saw it coming. Well, if she's as smart as a bucket of nails, he -- as we all know -- is the bucket of hammers.)

His religious fanatic pals may back off, given that she's super-tough and single, and the Pat Robertsons, et al, all love to insinuate that means she's a baby-killing cannibal lesbian witch ... only -- maybe it's my proximity to Berkeley and a university community -- all the lesbians I know are pretty bright, so it's cognitavely dissonant when she says something like "Bush is the most brilliant man I've ever known." Straight or gay, wow -- bounce her purely on mental defect.

The only potentially GOOD thing about her is that, if she IS gay, she should have an appreciation for people unfairly discriminated against.

But lesbian is what all her former colleagues meant when they said, "We thought she'd come through the Marines." And maybe because, if she is hetero, she had better taste than to couple with any of them.


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