You don't get a much scarier Halloween than this one

I watched him on the news, sitting there next to Bill Frist, calmly, biding his time. Maybe I've seen too many episodes of Law and Order, SVU but I kept getting the feeling of a Pederast at a Playground, just waiting.

I don't understand if the people of the Far Right even hear what they're saying let alone believe it.

I can only conclude they're either insane or lying. Here's the point:

They scream and shout about



So how does this strange fellow fit that description when he tried to overturn Congress' right to ban private, unlicensed sales of machine guns?

This was not because of what the right-wing theocrats like to call "the imaginary right of privacy."

This was under the explicit constitutionally stated function of Congress's duty to regulate interstate commerce. Aside from the insanity of the idea that the government can not regulate the killing power of privately-held weapons, it's actually their spelled-out duty to do so -- this must be the purest form of "LEGISLATING FROM THE BENCH" we've seen in a long time.

Granted -- he tried his best to uphold a law requiring any married woman seeking an abortion to first inform her husband -- the prospect of an abusive or homicidal spouse is being discussed, but this law he tried to protect from legislating from the bench also insisted on informing the husband even if the couple is estranged and his whereabouts are unknown.

But wait!

He also believes Congress can't apply an The Unpaid Sick Leave Maternity Leave to the states.

And oh, when the Condemned Death Row inmates who were clients of the famous Texas (and other) lawyers who slept through trials or were otherwise totally incompetent in their defenses make an appeal based on that lack of representation, his attitude seems to be "Tough Shit -- If you weren't guilty, you wouldn't have been convicted."

Part of the defense of this curious fellow is that Democrats approved his appointment to the Federal Bench -- 15 years ago. Well, I wonder if any of them have the balls to come out and say "We didn't know what an insane fuck he was back then -- but we found out."

Remember -- if he doesn't get to be SUPREME, he still has a lifetime job on the Federal Appeals Court that rules out of Philadelphia.

But hey -- the right-wing taunted Junior about "being afraid to have a fight," so he, in all his unbelievably immature bully-boy attitude set up yet another "let's you and him fight."


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