You can't keep a bad man down

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Jan. 29 — The trial of Saddam Hussein erupted into chaos on Sunday, with the new chief judge ordering all four lead defendants removed from the courtroom — one of them kicking and screaming as he went — and tried in absentia, as the entire defense team walked out in protest...

...One of the lawyers, Saleh Armouti, instantly began yelling at the judge, and Mr. Armouti, too, was dragged out. Mr. Hussein then had a furious exchange with the judge, but walked out before the bailiffs could be ordered to remove him.

"Don't call yourself an Iraqi," Mr. Hussein yelled, after Judge Abdel-Rahman told him he would be ejected. "I've led you for 35 years and now you say, 'Remove him!' Shame on you, shame on you!"

---gotta admit, it's funnier, more original and more entertaining than most of the networks' sitcoms.


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