Something about that dubious Dubai port contract...

The rationale keeps being "Oh, but Dubai is the Disneyland of the Arab world, where the Arab world goes to party. They're not political."

Anyone who's ever lived in a tourist town knows you depend on the good will of the tourists who bring the cash. Meaning, if FOR SOME REASON, the people of the Arab world get really pissed off at George Bush and his band of happy murderers, and decide that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE to slap down -- not just Bush and his sociopathic backers, but all of us here in America who pretty much agree with them that something should be done to slap down and sober up this bunch of petty thugs drunk on their own power -- they might pressure Dubai into agreeing with them, and allowing them to do something through the ports in Dubai.

And of course, Dubai will go along with them.

And we'll have 9-12.


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