Hey -- how about freedom FROM religion?

From The Carpetbagger Report

If you're not familiar with deranged pastor Fred Phelps and his unhinged Westboro Baptist Church, consider yourself lucky. Phelps has an odd hobby: bringing his far-right followers from state to state in order to protest at the funerals for troops killed in Iraq, literally celebrating their death with signs that read "Thank God for dead soldiers" and "Thank God for IEDs." (Phelps and his followers believe soldiers' casualties are God's revenge on a country that is insufficiently hateful towards homosexuality.)


Well, nothing insufficiently hateful about this noisy bit of vermin that crawled out from under some rock and picked up a cross. I don't see why soldiers (former and current) in uniform, couldn't gather outside Westboro Baptist Chusrch of a Sunday morning making a joyful noise unto the Lord (hmmm... Sex Pistols or Bloodhag or AC-DC or Black Sabbath or pretty much anyone loud enough.)

(Optional -- signs that say "If you like heaven so much, you might want to die? Ask us how.)


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