Suppose We Just Let I-ran Have the Bomb -- David E. Sanger

We LET them?

What if -- perish the thought -- they want to run their own country?

New York TImes, 3-19-06

PRESIDENT BUSH'S message to Iran these days sounds unambiguous: The United States will do what it takes to keep the mullahs from getting the bomb. Diplomacy is vastly preferred, President Bush and his aides insist. Yet it was no accident that the just-revised National Security Strategy declares: "This diplomatic effort must succeed if confrontation is to be avoided..."
Well, if there was anyone in this administration who knew what diplomacy was, that might be meaningful. Oh right, tell me how the Queen of Spades is so diplomatic.

(The reference is not to Ms Rice's race, but to the Bushwah Admin trying to "Shoot the Moon," as in a game of Hearts, where the Queen of Spades is the 13-point monster. In this case, Shoot the Moon means getting the whole pipeline string -- Iraq, Iran, Syria -- Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean, no Black Sea, no tankers waiting in line for months. I mean no disrespect to Ms Rice. She does not inspire contempt, as do the rest of the Bushies. Only sadness. I had hopes she could have been so much more than a State Department Discipline Mistress.)


"The reality is that most of us think the Iranians are probably going to get a weapon, or the technology to make one, sooner or later," an administration official acknowledged a few weeks ago, refusing to talk on the record because such an admission amounts to a concession that dragging Iran in front of the United Nations Security Council may prove an exercise in futility. "The optimists around here just hope we can delay the day by 10 or 20 years, and that by that time we'll have a different relationship with a different Iranian government."


Right -- like they won't be Muslim any more?

Or we'll have a president who's actually interested in making peace?

Who isn't hag-ridden by his mother and obsessed with a desperate need to defeat Poppy?

Who isn't trying to bring on the Final Days?

Who isn't so terrified of the bad brown people who might take his unearned fortune away from him, he's totally unable to do anything but drink and run around in fear, jumping up on the kitchen chair because a Muslim mouse is running around, pursuing its own cheese.

Who isn't a drunken sock-puppet bully and who hasn't packed his administration with other bullies and sock puppets.

(Dick Cheney acts tough, but there are bigger boys with their hands up HIS sock puppet ass.)

And I go back to the initial question:

Suppose we LET IRan have the bomb?

These people no longer worship God --
they've erased the line and now think they ARE God.


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