Flag Amendment Narrowly Fails in Senate Vote

WASHINGTON, June 27 — A proposed Constitutional amendment to allow Congress to prohibit desecration of the flag fell a single vote short of approval by the Senate on Tuesday, an excruciatingly close vote that left unresolved a long-running debate over whether the flag is a unique national symbol deserving of special legal standing.


Right -- what it left unresolved is whether or not congress can throw enough irrelevant shit against the wall (Flag-burning, Fag-bashing, etc) to make us forget that they have done NOTHING -- NOT ONE FUCKING THING in the past 2-4-6 years for the American people --

nothing about health care (oh, excuse me, there was that Big Pharma payoff Bush engineered, called it Medicare Drug Benefits),

nothing about unemployment ("the economy," i.e. a bunch of numbers -- looking good. People having jobs -- forget it)

nothing about the environment except to sell it to their pals,

nothing about poverty (sorry can't raise the minimum wage from $5 bucks an hour -- need the money to give ourselves pay raises)

nothing about oil prices (except to start a bogus war and justify a whole bunch of the kind of thing literally known as fascism -- e.g. -- merger between corporations and the state)

---ahh, I'm getting old, but I seem to remember a relevant phrase from the 60's -- hmm, my memory must be going, what was it now?

Oh yeah ...


How much of this vicious obscene criminal bullshit can we take as a people?

The ONLY thing thesde people protect is their "constitutional" right to take bribes and call them campaign contributions.

It's time WE -- the government -- financed political campaigns, time the TV networks (which we own, and license to the corporations) gave free and equal time to candidates, time we banned bribery of public officials and contenders for public office.

UP AGAINST THE LAWS, MOTHERFUCKERS -- a more reasonable and less counter-productive thing to do than just blow it completely by resorting to violence. That's for the conspiratorial Three Amigos to do. (Redrum, ChainGang, and Monkey Boy to do -- along with Karl "Hey Guys I can lie and spout vicious venom like a motherfucker, so can I hang with you guys" Rove)


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