Bush's September 11th Oval Office speech included this sentence:

"Do we have the confidence to do in the Middle East what our fathers and grandfathers accomplished in Europe and Asia? "

What? HIS grandfathers -- both of them -- financed the Nazi's EVEN AFTER WE WERE AT WAR WITH THEM. George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were finally forced by congress to stop around October of 1942 -- 10 months into the war.

Karl Rove's grandfather -- Herr Roverer -- was one of the engineers who designed Auschwitz-Birkenau -- the portion of Auschwitz with the gas chambers and crematoria?

We know he throws out a lot of code, like Dredd Scott for anti-Choice, so his "special message" to his pinheaded haters can slide below the radar ...

So what's the message here?


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