On voting this year

First of all, if I relied on TV, which I had been, I wouldn't know ANYTHING about ANY candidates or Propositions --

The ads all say one thing, regardless of their cause:

"My opponent (or that Proposition) is a vile, devious, nasty piece of work, and a vote for that (him, it, her) will cause all the children in our state to be molested repeatedly without recourse, the Commies to return, and the Earth itself to fly off its axis and fall into the sun."

Because of this -- I don't know if Jerry Brown would be a good Attorney General, I'm not his biggest fan (I live in Oakland) -- but Cashoogian's ads are so vile, and venomous, and slimy, I'm voting for whatever he's against. The ads were so rabid, my first response was "Damn, the Turks missed the ones they SHOULD HAVE gotten at Musa Dagh."

And I'm one of the few non-Armenians who has known what Musa Dagh was since I was in high school.

Similarly for Insurance Commissioner, Props 86, 87, 90, etc...

And voting against Arnie, of course.

Interesting .. Arnie and George Bush have one thing in common -- both are classic playground bullies -- and both are afraid to meet their challengers honestly and openly -- the stuff Nazi's were made of.

It's actually Arnie's Austrian accent that PREVENTS PEOPLE from calling him a Nazi, since people feel it's unfair mass generalizing because of his birth.

(You know, he grew up in Austria, -- in the 50's -- and he remembers seeing the Russian tanks in the streets -- quite a talent, since they'd been gone for 10 years.)

Not that Phil Angelides has a chance in hell of winning.

And oh, one other thing.

My wife and I are in agreement -- we will vote AGAINST anyone who calls us at home soliciting a vote for a person or a proposition. If they think so little of our right to use our free time as we choose, to hell with them.


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