Why does TD AMERITRADE claim "fair pricing" when they intentionally mislead about their pricing?

Or maybe they don't even realize it?


"When I do a trade, I want a straighforward price."

Well, get Sam Waterston to do the spiel, since Fred Thompson thinks his role as Waterston's boss qualifies him to be the already

Sorry Sam -- you get to do the Petraeus two-step, i.e., compromising your integrity because someone asked you to.

$9.99 is just a sleazy way to pretend you're not charging $10.00 and a modest dishonesty.

If they actually said "$10," I might think they're really serious about being straight with us.

As it is, it's just one more company with a streak of contempt for their potential customers.

(I know it's such a common form of pricing that their copywriters -- and marketing people and executives -- might not even recognize it's a bit of a cheat, but that doesn't indicate a company that actually understand what "honesty" means.)


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