Mitt Romney -- couldn't carry Ronald Reagan's jockstrap - -as much as he might want to

Yeah, Mitt Romney the animatronic version of the Undead Vril, has gracelessly backed out, preferring to think that the incredible distaste warm-blooded humans have for the prospect of that creature in power will result in a situation more like that of Ronald Reagan coming back from his 1976 loss of the nomination.

Hey -- it ain't Reagan-esque to give a nasty graceless grudging farewell saying that he quit because he didn't want to risk Islamo-fascist sympathizing traitors (i.e., Democrats) winning the presidency. Even Richard Nixon had more grace than that.

But coming back the way Reagan did?
Not a chance in hell.
Ronald Reagan was not a vicious, unlovely self-serving cunt hiding behind a movable panoply of opportunistic beliefs.
Mitt Romney is.

It has nothing to do with him being Mormon -- only an Evangelical fundamentalist might consider LDS to be a more bizarre set of religious beliefs than his own. To the rest of us, why would we think being Mormon any more insane than being Roman Catholic? Or Baptist? Or a convert to Orthodox Judaism?

Besides, I have known a lot of Mormons and, in general, they're just people like anyone else. The only thing that disturbs me is not the religious belief but their sense of community, specifically the sense that the ONLY community that counts is THEIRS.

Reagan was semi-senile, but likeable... and he liked people. His presence was more Mike Huckabee than Mitt Romney, who we always know is masking his total contempt for people behind that artificial smile, hiding his unwholesome corruption from the people who, he knows, would tear him limb from limb if they could but see what a non-human monster he really is. Even when Reagan was inarticulate or what we might have thought wrong-headed, we could see he wished well for all of us. But even when Romney is VERY articulate, it still shows through that Romney despises us all and wishes evil to anyone not of his ilk.

Plus the fact that he's just one more rich kid yammering on about how poor people shouldn't be helped by the government because it undercuts their motive to succeed. Hey Mitt -- you and Monkey Boy can have a nice long talk in the outer darkness about how we ingrates just don't understand how difficult it is to be the son of a wealthy powerful man who can give you anything you want -- money, education, power...

Romney seems to be a cleaned-up version of someone as vicious and paranoid as Richard Nixon, but not nearly as intelligent nor as dedicated to the well-being of the all the people of the United States. (Let no Republicans forget that it was Richard Nixon who added quotas to the Affirmative Action Program - -The Philadelphia Plan -- a well-meaning if clumsy and self-defeating way to try to guarantee fairness across the board.)

So, Mitt, now that your boys don't have you to push around any more (in service to the America that needs your slime so desperately) they're free to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines and do daddy's bidding and go fight the holy war daddy so much wanted other people's kids to fight.

Hey Mitt -- don't let the door of history hit you in the ass on your way out of public view.


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