The Creationist Clown shows up again...

Published: April 3, 2009

RICHMOND -- Former GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee exhorted Virginia Republicans to rally votes for their governor's race this fall. And if that doesn't work, well, flatten the Democrats' tires and keep 'em home, he joked...

But former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe isn't laughing. In a media conference call yesterday, McAuliffe said denying people the right to vote is "not a laughing matter."

Huckabee, through a spokesman yesterday, ridiculed McAuliffe for criticizing his remarks.


Well wottehell, Archie -- Schmuckabee also ridicules people who believe in evolution, in women's rights, and suchlike stuff.

Since 2000, Repugnicans making jokes about interfering with Democrats' right to vote, haven't been funny, but instructional.

Isn't that what people always say?

"Oh it was just a joke... "

Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, et al...

"I didn't really mean anyone should lynch black men."

"I didn't really mean anyone should kill doctors who perform abortions."

"I didn't really mean anyone should scream obscenities at teenage girls trying to go into Planned Parenthood."

"I didn't really mean we should kill all the Muslims."

"I didn't mean kill 'em or convert them to Christianity."

"I didn't really mean I wanted the president to fail -- just the things he does."

"I didn't mean anything when I said it was cold in here so throw another Jew on the fire."



The late Steve Allen once pointed out that laughter is just the civilized way of showing your teeth.

So when someone does a performance art bit and hangs from a cross with only a breech clout on and says "Hey -- I'm God. So if you want to be saved, get down on your knees and eat me," lighten up -- it's just a joke.


When a magazine editor does an obvious jape about a self-righteous preacher's first sexual experience being with his mother in an outhouse -- lighten up -- it's just a joke.


When a theological historian points out the OBVIOUS homosexuality of Jesus and his boys, and suggests there was a whole lot of butt-fucking going on at the last supper and that what they were eating was each other -- HEY! Lighten up -- it's just a joke.

Funny, right? Ha-Ha.

There's a reason why so many people hate and fear clowns, because they see the cruelty under the joke.

Governor Huckabee -- Fuckabee you where you breathe.

You make the best case for retroactive abortion we've seen in a long time.

(Lighten up -- it's just a joke.)


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