Rush Limbaugh gets married again -- GAWD the image it conjures up... YIKES...

Conservative radio man Rush Limbaugh is taking a fourth stab at marriage with a weekend wedding to Kathryn Rogers, an events coordinator 26 years his junior, according to various reports. Limbaugh, 59, will reportedly marry the 33-year-old Rogers at his Palm Beach compound. The childless Limbaugh's first two marriages were over by the time he rose to national prominence. His third wedding, to Marta Fitzgerald in 1994, was officiated by his friend, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. They divorced in 2004.

OK -- this may seem slanderously outrageous, not that I would consider that sort of thing inappropriate to making a comment about Mr Limbaugh -- but honesty and ethics demands full disclosure:

this is just an impression -- a hideous image that comes to mind without any basis in actual fact -- Nonetheless, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said -- nonetheless:

He's 59 she's 33.
Given how many dozens of times he has shared with us the image of him bending over and grabbing his ankles, how often he's used taking it up the ass as his favorite metaphor, I can only imagine that young Ms Rogers has a deft hand with a large dildo.

I could be wrong.
Maybe not.

But the unwanted intrusion of that hideous image makes me understand what Sergeant Dickerson meant when he said "Private -- you think too much."  Not that he meant THAT image -- but letting my mind run amok and paying attention to it. --- AIYEE!!


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