Just a thought about decreasing the number of mass shootings

The govt defines Mass Shooting as "more than 4 people."

I think there may be way, at least partial or temporary, to cut down the number of the   interminable series of school, church, synagogue, etc shootings:

If Network TV news reports were allowed to used the word "asshole" to describe the perpetrator -- instead of "suspect," "gunman," "terrorist" et al, that might take the desirability and the number of incidents down a notch.

"This just in -- some asshole with automatic weapons just shot up a middle school in Bumfuck, Nebraska. He gave up when the police came, but they said "Are you kidding? You're not walking away from this"
And killed him on the spot. 37 hits dead center body mass. High fives all around.
No one was interested in "WHY" he did it. We already know -- he's an asshole!"

------ok, for journalistic integrity -- ALLEGED ASSHOLE

Don't think as many young volunteers would be lining up to fill the role.

It's worth a try. Pass it along.

(And while we're on the subject - same attention to youngsters attracted to joining up with some sort of "terrorist" group.)

"ASSHOLE ALERT: We have a report of yet another asshole, this time from Dallas, Texas, who converted to Islam, and that could be ok, except he obviously didn't understand a word of it, so he went to join ISIS. 
(Why, you ask do I, so totally opposed* to death penalty say shoot on sight? Oh, because assholes who kill are not only NOT an endangered species, they're like toxic weeds.) 

Advice to such assholes: you want to kill someone -- join the Marines, even if you never stop being an asshole, you'll have benefits, people will know you're actually tough, and you'll get to wear a snappy uniform that might help you get laid.

* Why am I against the Death penalty? You already got the guy in a cage, where's the sport in killing him?


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