Maybe not a conspiracy, but the decapitation video is definitely a Man-Behind-the-Curtain job

On Washington Journal this morning on CSPAN , woman called in and was either a doctor or her husband was a doctor (it was 4AM here in the Pacific time zone). Regardless, her point was valid.

She had watched the entire Nick Berg video both on broadcast and on the internet and said, "He wasn't alive when they cut off his head. There was no blood. Where was the blood?"

Her point: you do a decap on someone, the arterial blood will be everywhere -- blood spraying for a full minute or two as far as 30 feet as the heart exsanguinates the body.

Despite the fact that beheadings are actually quite humane (death is rapid and possibly painless) it's not used in the West because the witnesses can't stand it -- it is truly aesthetically vile -- even more gory than a Mel Gibson fantasy.

So that's the curtain behind which someone or other lurks -- the man was already dead.

And here are some of the questions which arise from that situation:

How did the man in the orange jump suit die?
Who killed him?
And was he even Nick Berg?

Does this mean that even the notorious international terrorist Wowie Zowie Donald Duckowie isn't as heartless and cold as they say?

But since ilmu Shaliya (Islamic law) uses beheading as a regular form of execution in Muslim countries, why would he -- or any of them -- be queasy about it?

So then who are those guys behind the masks who are so squeamish they couldn't handle painting the walls, the ceiling, and themselves with blood?

If this were CSI: Miami and I were David Caruso, I'd be watching the video over the shoulder of the tech guy and asking him to "Give me a closeup on that gold ring... good now can you clean it up... can we get close enough to read that writing on the ring?"

And then my cognitive dissonance antennae go up even farther because of the amazingly convenient timing of the video (smack dab in the middle of the ongoing embarrassment over torture in Abu Ghraib prison, taking some press attention away from that debacle) and because right-wing mouthpieces are calling in everywhere and saying identical phrases, as if reading talking points issued from on high.

"Where's the outrage?" they ask. "Why don't the liberals get outraged by THIS? "It's okay with liberals if their people kill Americans."

They ALL ask that, using the same words, the same phrasing, the same accusations.

Combine that with the character attacks on Nick Berg from government sources as maybe having been a terrorist himself and his connections -- maybe -- to Al Quaeda and Abu Ghraib prison, and then tagging his father as a left-winger because he pointed his finger at George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld ...

Boyohboy do the nasty tickles arise in mind, hearing the faint voice of someone in the CIA or Defense Department or from the White House basement saying, "Well, he was dead already, and it's something they would do if they could so we just decided to let him serve his country one last time and..."

Someone pointed this out to me a long time ago: whether it's asking about LBJ having been involved in the JFK murder or if Bush et al were more than casually connected to the events of September 11, 2001, it's not that we believe THEY actually did it, but that we look at them and know in our hearts they were capable of it, fully capable of doing that sort of thing.

One other question -- since the CIA thought they'd killed him a long time ago, does that mean that Wowie Duckowie some sort of reincarnation of Jason the Unkillable? Has he traded his hockey mask for a ski mask for the sequel?

Jason Goes to Baghdad!

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