Nice fellow, that Charles Taylor, Liberia will miss him like an abscess

People may call it petty to focus on something like this, but I think it tells more about a man's character than all the speeches, testimony, character witnesses:

Ma Juah, former Liberian President Charles Taylor's abandoned pet lioness, is flying to a new home in a South African lion sanctuary.
She is expected to be flown by courier to Ghana, and then catch a connecting flight to South Africa.
The lioness' mate died after the pair were left for 24 days in their cage without food when Mr Taylor was forced into exile last August.

Nice guy, that Chuckie. Pack up the gold bars and the diamonds and hit the exile road, never a thought about who or what he left behind. Of course, he'll miss his little amusements:

On visits to the farm where the lions lived, Mr Taylor delighted in throwing a live goat into their compound and sitting back and watching the "fun", said Ms Leander.

Kind of makes George W. Bush's sadistic childhood fun, blowing up frogs with firecrackers, pale in comparison.


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