BBC NEWS -- Microsoft's Linux ad 'misleading'

I know there's an old Texas saying that goes: "If you don't cheat, you don't care about winning."

But come on ... is Mssr Gates & Co so insecure that the time of Windows, like that of the dinosaurs, the dodos, and the passenger pigeons, is passing. And with only, as Richard and Mimi Farina sang in "Morgan the Pirate," "One or two hard feelings left behind."

The UK watchdog upheld complaints about a magazine advert which claimed that the open-source operating system Linux was more expensive than Windows.

Referring to research, it read: 'Linux was found to be over 10 times more expensive than Windows Server 2003'.

The ASA concluded that the comparison was misleading because the operating systems ran on different hardware. "

All this tells us is you're feeling threatened and desperate.

Come on -- the imitation of MAC display called Windows is cumbersome and bad enough without trying to condemn us to staying with it longer than we've had to, the past decade or so.

Let it go.

Let us keep nodding our heads in approval at the admirable and worthy works you're doing -- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; saving the Bettman Archives, and other things.

Become the admirable icon all that money and success can buy, rather than continuing on with the tactics that got you there -- the Nixonian below-the-belt low-class asshole methodology this sort of thing represents.


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