Legislators may quash casino deal

What? Elected officials reneging on an agreement with Native Americans? Is that possible?

The Pomo -- a complex assortment of seperate tribes who lived in the area from Mendocino south to Bodega Bay and east to Clear Lake and thereabouts. They were made into slaves by the Euro-trash we call "The Settlers," and massacred when they objected to the treatment.

Of course there were treaties made with them in 1850 and 1851, but they disappeared before they could be ratified -- the feds said they just "got lost" in the wake of the Gold Rush. (A lot of things got lost then.) But they found the treaties a little later -- in 1906.

The issues:

It was the specter of a huge casino, not the surrounding details, that caused more Bay Area Democrats on Thursday to join a growing chorus of opposition to the deal, with one calling it "inappropriate" and another branding it "nuts."

There's always a 'good' reason to fuck over the native Americans, isn't there?

Even so, it was Republicans who became the compacts' most strident critics as they learned that the five new compacts contain the same union organizing provisions that they reluctantly agreed to in Schwarzenegger's first round of compacts in July.

Ahh, that's the big one, isn't it -- the GOP doesn't want a union shop.

Sounds like a job for the IWW.

They did it before -- they can do it again.

Of course, this time, perhaps the union won't make their first official act the smooching of the butt of management and throw them out.*


*From "Don't Mean Nuthin' " in April, 2004 Crapshoot

Consider, for example, the 1936 seamen’s strike, demonstrating against the Matson Line on Market Street in downtown San Francisco. Matson’s response was to have his guards fire on them from their vantage point up in the tower. The goons fired down and shot some 600 would-be union folk, a couple dozen of them killed...

...And what about those seamen who struck Matson Lines and were shot down? As soon as they won the struggle, they turned on the people who got them the prize.

“First thing we did, we kicked out the commies,” said one man who had been there.

By that he meant they bounced the Wobblies – the IWW -- the men and women who chained themselves to fences and water pipes, who spoke out and were jailed and killed, hanged under bridges and beaten to death in culverts in California. (So many of them were killed that to even use the phrase: “hanged under bridges” is a tired cliché.)

In other words, the first thing that union did was turn around and kiss the ass of management by expelling the most committed of their lot, the people who got them their union. A lot of other new unions mimicked their ingratitude. The bosses weren’t stupid, just venal. They knew the workers would be easier to control without the Wobblies and made their exile a condition of contract.


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