I’ve come to the conclusion that (almost) all GOP spokespersons are lying, signifying, hypocritical short-term memory-deficient SOB’s

“What’s a good New York wine?”
“Republicans whimpering that “All those Democrats spout hate.”

Gee, of course none of them ever did that.

None of them can remember or were involved in the 8-year hate-fest against Bill, Hilary, and Chelsea.

None of them accused Bill Clinton and Hilary of murder.

None of them financed social climbing bimbos who made their way up the celebrity ladder by climbing over Bill Clinton’s dick.

None of them were involved in denouncing Clinton’s efforts to find and remove Osama Ben Ladn as no more than cynical attempts to “wag the dog,” to change the subject from the greatest of national security threats in the history of the republic – Monica Lewinsky.

None of them seems to remember the dark suspicions about “What if he revealed states secrets to her while engaged in sexual matters?”.

“You’ve just been bashing Bush all this time. Why do you hate America?”

As I’ve said to Theo-psycho's who grab my coat on the sidewalk and then denounce me as I pull away, saying, “You hate God!!!” --- “No, dummy, I just hate you.”

Whose psychotic hit-bitch is Anne Coulter, the Ilse Koch of River Oaks?

Those big tough Republicans whine like little babies when anyone criticizes them.

I'm reminded of Harry Truman who, when advised by a crowd member to "Give 'em hell, Harry," said "I don't give 'em hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell."

Starting with Rudy the Prostate-popping hyper-moralistic adulterer and going downhill from there, what I'm hearing is a lot of self-righteous hypocrites lathering the airwaves with blue sky and bullshit.

And oh yeah, whimpering and whining about how slanderous the Democrats have been concerning the man who put us up to our necks in a war that prevents us from pursuing the folk who bombed the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Y'all love to talk about hardball politics and how damned tough you are, and then bawl like 2-year-olds when anyone calls you on the systematic plunder of our treasury and our future for the friends of Monkey Boy and the Man from Halliburton.

As to your "agenda for the future," the one you're putting forth to try to get us to pay no attention to the disaster behind the curtain of the last four years, I'm still waiting to hear anything less abstract than "improve our safety," "protect freedom," and "be true to your school."

If you want to know why so many people around the world hate what they think of as Americans, look in a mirror and see, not an American, but the shifty, sneaky, moralistic, self-justifying hypocrite staring back at you.

Hard to take, isn't it?

Suicide is an option.


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