Dyke accuses Blair over Iraq war

Way to go, lady!

Well, the Brits do have a history of strong women picking up the fallen banner and cleaning the dirt off it...
The BBC's former director general Greg Dyke has made a scathing attack on Downing Street over the Iraq war and its treatment of the BBC.

In the Mail on Sunday, Mr Dyke accuses Tony Blair of either being incompetent or lying to Parliament about the war in Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

Oh .. not a real dyke .. it's just his name.

Of course.
No true blue L-word lady would have waited so long to speak up, but would have gone toe-to-toe with the PM at the time.

But it's interesting to realize that even a silly little lap-dog like Blair had it in him to be a thug and a schoolyard bully where someone looking under his skirt was concerned.

He may talk purtier than our stumble-tongued president, but I guess they're kindred spirits after all.


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