Cat Stevens Whines 'Unfair' at U.S. Deportation

... calls deportation "ridiculous"

LONDON - Muslim convert and former pop star Cat Stevens returned to Britain on Thursday after his deportation from the U.S. over 'potential' terrorism links sparked an Anglo-American diplomatic row.

'The whole thing is totally ridiculous,' Stevens said on arrival at London's Heathrow airport. 'Half of me wants to smile, half of me wants to growl.'"

Well, on the one hand, busting the guy who wrote all those sappy sentimental bubblegum ditties, especially "Peace Train," as a terrorist (as John Stewart pointed out on The Daily Show) seems ludicrous...

on the other hand, when the Ayatollah Kissmyassah decided that there was no reason Pat Robertson should have the worldwide franchise on vicious idiocy and put out a fatwah on Salman Rushdie for "Satanic Verses," a BBC journalist asked Yusuf "Cat" Islam about it, and his answer was:

"Well, he insulted Islam so yes, he should die.*"

Which ranks him with Dick Cheney and Jon Benet Ramsey's parents as a soulless life-destroying asshole -- and god knows, with the right-wing theocrats who call themselves Republicans running the country, we've got enough of them here already.

* in 1989, after publication of The Satanic Verses, an Islamic fatwah (religious ruling) was issued, holding that it was an obligation of Muslims to kill Salman Rushdie** . Yusuf Islam publicly stated that Rushdie was indeed guilty of blasphemy against Islam, and Rushdie deserved to be killed ... Yusuf Islam has since clarified that he believes that a death sentence can only be carried out by the authority of a court in an Islamic society, and that he is opposed to anyone taking the law into their own hands by murdering Rushdie.

**(and anyone else involved in publication of the book -- typesetters, printers, bindery workers -- beware.)

In other words, Rushdie still should die for having thought and written something about his own religion that offended an old man in Teheran, but protocols must be observed.


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