Damn -- they even lied about who was in the "Coalition for the Killing"

Costa Rica's highest court demands country be taken off list of U.S. 'coalition' members in Iraq

Costa Rica apparently never formally joined the U.S.-led coalition, but its name was listed on a White House Web page of coalition members, sparking outrage in a country where the Iraq war is enormously unpopular.

Following Wednesday's ruling, Costa Rica which never sent any troops to Iraq, in part because it has no army is making it clear it does not want to be listed as a member of the coalition.

I'm relieved. It was with great disappointment, I recall, seeing the name of Costa Rica on the list, as it seemed to be a direct violation of their most deeply held principles. I'm relieved it turned out to be just one more lie out the Bush-league crap machine. And I'm relieved the fraud has been corrected.


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