Regarding Feith, Perle, Wolfowitz and Israel

The Dacha Dude Weblog gives us some history on these three particular reprobates. (Thanks to Dick Lupoff for pointing to it.)

In the world of realpolitik, the state of Israel is little more than a "let's still be there in the Middle East but now we can blame it on the Jews."

Queen Victoria said as much when, the Ottoman Empire collapsing, she gave tacit support to the idea of a Jewish state, giving the Arab world "a foreign presence other than our own as an irritant."

And even though the Brits created Iraq after WWI, it was so much safer to carry on the Crusades with a European population -- no where to turn but to England.

WWII and the Holocaust were, as was 9-11 in more recent times, an opportunity to pursue the same agenda they're had for centuries -- hegemony over the Christian Holy Land and environs.

And for all that Tony Blair may be the cowboy-booted Bush's lapdog, we, the United States, have more usually been Great Britain's. (Or doesn't anyone remember how Ronald Reagan did everything but roll over and pee on himself when Margaret Thatcher deigned to pet his head?)


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