GOP Decries Ghoulish Ads in House Race

---And here we were, all saying the Democrats didn't know how to fight like the Republicans. I guess we need to take that back. I personally enjoy "over the top," finding moderation to be terribly boring -- and this one is, unequivocally, waaay over the top. This is like a commercial directed by John Waters from a script written by William Burroughs.

DENVER - Republicans are criticizing TV ads that show a look-alike of a Colorado congresswoman fleecing a corpse and an American soldier during battle.

In one of the ads, a pink-clad actress with a purse climbs over rubble to rob a U.S. soldier.

'Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave claims nobody supports our troops more than she does, but she voted to slash veterans' benefits by $14 billion,' the narrator says. The new ad also says Musgrave voted against a $1,500 bonus for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In another ad, the woman in pink creeps up to a corpse and takes off his watch. A voiceover says that while she served as a state senator, Musgrave opposed a bill that would have prevented nursing homes from billing patients after they are dead.

'I think they have reached a new low in sleaziness,' Colorado GOP Chairman Ted Halaby said of the ads' sponsor, a group called Colorado Families First. The organization is headed by former state Democratic Party chairman Tim Knaus.

Musgrave faces Democratic challenger Stan Matsunaka in her bid for a second term. Matsunaka said he was not involved in either ad and did not contribute to the sponsors.

Well, remember, history buffs, Alferd Packer was also from Colorado. (Look it up on Google.)


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