Baghdad Year Zero: Pillaging Iraq in pursuit of a neocon utopia -- You MUST click the link and read this

When John Kerry was asked how he could have voted for Bush to have the authority to make war, he said, allegedly thinking the mike was off: "Well I didn't think he'd fuck it up so badly."

Naomi Klein takes it step by step, explaining just exactly what methods were used to fuck it up, from the original neocon premise (to create a free trade paradise model in Iraq) to the repeated exacerbation of the insurgency by stupid short-sighted faith-based (rather than reality-based) dicta from Bremer and Chalabi, culminating in the inability to get foreign investors to risk life, limb, or finances.

Whether you agree with the aims of the neocon premise or not, this analytical examination of what went wrong and how is essential to understanding what happened and is happening.

Thanks to Book of Days for pointing it out.


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