A Man Looks Sharp in a Uniform Until He Goes to War

This is (and has been for a while) the Fish Yell for this new war

(Meet the new war,
same as the old war.
Rich pricks hiding out,
poor kids riding out)

And if you like Man Looks Good (good tune, snappy rhymes, make you laugh to keep from crying) check into to their home site and click the "Animation" tag for more -- Idiot Son of an A**hole; I Hate Republicans, Dustbin America, lots and lots more. Of course it helps if you despise Monkey Boy and his Puppeteer, Dick Cheney.

The Man Looks Good also video shows something I had forgotten. On the aircraft carrier, when Bush did his Captain Midnight Wins the Day thing, just below the 'Disastrously successful' MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner, there was another one. It read:


There's one we don't see much these days.

It takes a lot of patriotism to risk the wrath of the jingoists.


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