Rudy speaks out about missing munitions -- blames troops in Iraq

Rudy -- wasn't he the retarded kid who put everything he had into trying to make the Notre Dame football team? Oh, Rudy Giuliani -- a different dimwit speaks out -- this one only pretending to be giving his all.

There he goes, a rec room patriot like all the rest of them --- too goddamn precious to answer the draft call, for all it didn't stop them from loving war -- as long as someone else or someone else's kid is the one to get gutted by shrapnel and lay bleeding his or her last juices of life into some nameless sand or soil ...

He's 60 years old -- he would have reached 18 and draft age in 1961 -- so what was his excuse? I think getting out of what was a bad war would have been fine IF THEY DIDN"T ALL DEVELOP A MID-LIFE HARD-ON TO HAVE A WAR (ONCE THEY WERE NO LONGER IN DANGER OF HAVING TO BACK UP THEIR BIG WORDS).

New Yorkers.


(And as they say in the land of bigoted generalizations: "Hey, some of my best friends are Texans or New Yorkers." Which is actually true.)

I guess now that his prostate's gone, he has to get it up somehow. Here's his tough words from this morning:

Rudy actually kept a straight face when he told the Today Show camera the there was no reason to suggest that George W. Bush or Donald "Redrum" Rumsfeld had made a mistake and instead, pointed his decrepit finger at the folks who are becoming this administration's favorite scapegoats -- the troops

"No matter how you try to blame it on the president the actual responsibility for it really would be for the troops that were there. Did they search carefully enough? Didn't they search carefully enough?" Giuliani said, and even if the explosives were gone, if the troops "searched carefully enough," they would have known.

Hey Rudy -- you should have let it go after you ramrodded the 9-11 monstrosity like a true hero. Plumping for gift-packs from Bush? Big mistake. Because now people are getting to see you as a truly unprincipled opportunistic shit -- is that your true persona? Or do you just play one on TV?

Maybe you'll get a visit from some of those troops when they finally get home from Iraq. Maybe they'll want to discuss your comments over a beer. Or over a carpet of broken glass.


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