Amazing, the administration people and the "impartial media" are tearing achilles tendons and ripping themselves hernias in the rush to try to explain how "all second administrations have turnover."

None of them really want to say the nasty word "purge," except, of course the media conduits already discredited and marginalized.

Okay, I guess I'm one of them -- these Freikorps graduates of the inner circle have gone on an hysterical "Death to all traitors" rampage. Colin Powell and the top officials are being allowed to resign, not unlike the good old Stalin-Kruschev Era self-castigating statements -- not out of respect for their service but out of ass-covering spin.

Ann Coulter will be the new Inspector General.

Disagreement will not be tolerated.

And the press will pretend that half a dozen cabinet members heading for the hills the week after the election is business as usual. Time for the plunder to REALLY get going.


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