--now that this election has ended I find myself feeling as if I've just awakened from a flu-driven dream-fever, wondering why I paid so much attention to a bunch of self-serving hypocritical thieving, self-justifying, signifying, jive-ass lowlifes. After all, I never enjoyed watching soap operas about such folk. But I do have to admit one perhaps positive thing to have come out of it all:

Credit Bush with bringing back Old Time Religion in America.

He and his cronies have managed to do that. They have shown us time and time again that we are completely powerless, not only to stop their depredations, but to even be allowed to publicly discuss our areas of disagreement.

And of course the good old fashioned American method so aptly described by Ari Fleisher in reference to Saddam Hussein isn't feasible (an expression definitely coming from someone else in the administration, it being Good Ole Texican and ironically, usually directed at people like the Bush family). The comment? "He forgets that a .30 caliber bullet only costs a quarter."

Because my primary point of contention is this: "You can't just shoot, bomb, kill, crush, assault, smash down, maim, mutilate, or roll over anyone who isn't part of your little club." So of course taking violent means to address these people is out of the question.

Which brings us to Old Time religion -- the desperate hope that someday, somewhere, there exists some being of proportionate size and power that will slap the smirk off the faces of these conscienceless monsters, will set them down in some place where they can party for a long forever with every creature -- human or not -- every creature they have ever caused to be shot, bombed, killed, crushed, crippled or maimed, every person whose family and home they destroyed, every rotting resentful corpse they created for whatever bullshit reasons they had in mind, every desperate sick person without medical care, every desperate family whose Social Security got Enron'd into a Stock Market investment scheme, so that finally, they can all resonate throughout the universe acknowledging what it is they've caused to happen while pretending to be doing something fine in the name of something but that they can't remember exactly what it was.

Or as they say, more succinctly -- 'fess up.' Pay it all back.

Us nonbelievers have started to understand why -- other than the reason of comfort on dark nights -- why people turn to religion. Because it offers the promise of justifiable vengeance.

And when this particular horde of looters is gone from the face of this earth, I can only hope that the people of America, with our traditional simplicity and humor, build each and every one of them an appropriate mausoleum or headstone in the shape of a urinal, so those who have been subject to their games can offer up a final, fitting tribute.

(Oh, by the way, this isn't purely partisan -- the Kerrys and Liebermans and Feinsteins and all the rest who went along with supporting the killing of others rather than lose votes, who said not a word as the people of this country and others had their futures stolen from them -- we offer up prayers for you, too. There have always been people willing to throw others in an oven rather than be out of a job. You people can thank Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich and a few others for reminding us what it looks and sounds like when someone sticks to vision and principles rather than kissing ass for approval.)


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