Osama bin Laden Attends Inaugural Ball, Evades Authorities

From one of my newly very favorite blogs, Baba Yaga:

"A seemingly nondescript woman who attended an inaugural ball at the White House yesterday has been identified through security videotapes as Osama bin Laden. Security officials are baffled as to how the embodiment of all that is evil, wearing a rhinestone tiara and Groucho Marx glasses, managed to dine and dance the night away with the country’s most powerful men and women. “I mean, you could see his chest hair for Christ’s sake!” said the outraged chief of Secret Service, Ralph Basham “And he has a f***ing beard!” Sheepish security agents reportedly mistook bin Laden for a debutante and are awaiting sentencing in military prison..."

Baba Yaga -- Tales of Gnostic Turpitude


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