Our Fearful Leader

People keep saying,:

"How can anyone not see what a phony he is?
How he's just saying lines?
And that weird convulsive chittering shudder he gives that's supposed to be a laugh?
Always ends with him forcing a smile and sort of looking around,
to maybe see if his Master approves?
How can anyone believe anything he says?"

To which I can only say -- "You ever watch sitcoms? Soaps? Actors with all the craft we see in high school plays? Well, the people who watch them think that's real ..."

And remember, kids -- remember high school, the kid who was supposed to be "average?"
Well consider: half of the people are LESS INTELLIGENT than he was.

Still got a question?

Try Brave New World --
"We're Deltas and we're the best. Alphas are elitist snobs."

Mencken hit it on the nose when he described our form of government as a "boobocracy." And since them, the biggest change, is that the boobs still run things, but at least -- until Ashcroft and his heterosexual panic and Colin Powell's kid (who must be a disappointment to his dad, who at least accomplished SOMETHING before he turned into a company whore) -- we at least get to SEE some boobies.

(No country since at least the Golden Age of Greece has ever worshipped bodily perfection more: 6-packs and buns of steel, buff and tan and all that ... and yet the former Attorney General of the United States was so terrified of physical nature, he ordered a classical statue to have its breasts covered. My father once said to me, speaking of the Third Reich German High Command, that "there was something sexually sick about all of them." Perhaps it's only coincidental the number of connections these current guys have to the old Black-and-Red Swastika Gang, but ditto. In the words of Saint Lenny of Bruce -- "If you have a problem with naked bodies, take it up with the manufacturer -- that's the way they come.")


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