Pneumonic plague -- 61 dead in Congo -- hundreds sick

Pneumonic plague is airborne -- no fleas or rats needed.

Cape Town, South Africa -- International health officials warned on Friday that 61 miners in eastern Congo have died and hundreds have become ill from what appears to be the largest outbreak in several decades of a highly virulent airborne version of plague.

Health officials said thousands more workers have fled the open-pit diamond mine that is the epicenter of the outbreak, possibly spreading the disease deep into a rural province with few health facilities.

"It can pop up in many places now," said Marian van der Snoek, a medical official with the Swiss aid group Medair, who spoke by telephone from her office in Bunia, in Congo's northeastern corner. "We don't know where these people have fled..."

What especially alarmed health officials about the outbreak at the diamond mine was their inability to rapidly contain it. .. It took nearly two months for plague to be identified as the likely cause of the series of deadly lung infections among the miners. By then, most of those exposed to the disease had left the area...

Talk about Blood Diamonds, this one can kill the world.

With Pneumonic Plague, the Congo is only 18 hours away from Washington DC, New York, London, San Francisco, Beijing, or Tokyo.

Epidemiologists know that the sputum hits the fan when bubonic plague mutates into Pneumonic -- it's much much more deadly and much much more easily spread -- one sneeze on an airplane or in a city bus and one vector becomes several dozen, all going in different directions.

So I speak to the principals of the Bush Coup d-Fou in language they can understand:

To use a tough guy expression, one of the kind they so dearly love:

"TERROR? You don't know the meaning of terror."

But let Pneumonic Plague hit an American city and they will.

Obviously, their focus on paying off their buddies by stealing our social security money and natural resources is just too damn important to notice that the whole world is shifting like sand under the toes as the waves roll in and out at the shore -- very very quickly.

The only issue involving religion may soon be knees hitting the floor and anyone who has one repeating over and over, "Oh please, oh please, oh please."

What does it take for these little boys who strut and fret in the seats of power to grow up, stand up and behave like men?

"Man talks. Nature Acts." Voltaire


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