OK, NOW I Understand What's Happening in the Senate

Some years ago, while I was a docent at the San Francisco Zoo, I was walking near the Orang/Chimp enclosures. The day before had been a birthday party for Rusty, the big orangutan, and gifts were always shared with the chimps whose round little concrete pedestal was adjacent and each could see the other. So they gave the chimps several things, including T-shirts (always popular).

As I came near, Cobby, the old male, was dunking a T-shirt in his water bowl to give it heft, then threw it at some man standing there watching him. Nailed him. (Cobby was a Free Throw champ, usually flinging feces at people who stared at him too long. There were times, around the zoo, when it looked like Ash Wednesday, little dark smudges in the middle of so many visitors' foreheads.)

The man got mad, picked it up and raised his arm in the NFL QB throwing position.

At which point I yelled: "Hey, please don't do that. Don't do that."

To which the man replied, pointing to Cobby, "HE STARTED IT!"

And I said, "But he's a fucking ape ... in a cage. What the fuck are you?"

The man dropped the T-shirt and stalked away, muttering so I could hear it:
"Not fair. HE started it."

As I watched Bill Frist and his hard-riding henchmen this past week or so, I thought of that incident and realized it was their role model, that Cobby and The Stranger had written their script.

Please: do not assume I ascribe one role to the Republicans and the other to the Democrats. I have no idea which is which. I only know they change roles every so often, but still play the same game.

Right now, the Democrats are saying: "THEY started it," pointing to the Republicans in reference to their dead-ending 60 of Bill Clinton's judicial appointees.

Simultaneously, the Republicans are pointing at the Democrats, saying: "THEY started it," referring to the Democrat's threat of filibuster.

And the anger levels go up and down/

and the posturing Senators go round and round...


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