So, let me get this straight...

We've got these people who are in charge of making and unmaking our laws, deciding where to spend our money and how much in each place, and at this time, they're all part of the same gang of thugs as the Head Bully and his cronies. The first group they bullied was the opposition party ("You want to get goodies or go broke? You can get rich with us or we'll destroy you.") So, they spend their time and our money:

1. Beating up faggots, the traditional hobby of bullies everywhere, spending immense amounts of time thinking about the idea of two men getting married, like it's something they really like to think about. "The idea of two men getting married..." They never mention two women getting married, or only as an afterthought. It could be that's an alternate fantasy to the one about the men, but perhaps, more likely, it is, as Lenny Bruce said about why standup comics do fag jokes but not dyke jokes, because "we all know they'd come up on stage and beat the crap out of us." Well, of course it was a stereotype -- but it's obvious the so-called humans in congress and the White House are dealing only in stereotypes.

2. Beating up any little girl who is in total terror because she trusted some guy who promised promised promised he'd pull out before he came OR that he WAS wearing a condom and now she's pregnant and she lives in a state where she has to tell their parents in order to stop the pregnancy (because she's too young to make a choice, but old enough to raise a child), but she knows her parents would cripple her if they knew, and sometimes it was actually Daddy or mom's brother Uncle Barney who put it in there. Now she can go to prison for crossing an imaginary line to another state where she's actually allowed to make a choice about her life. (They've been doing this for centuries, these cross-mongers, beating up little girls Used to be as witches. Now they just scream 'Murderer' at them.)

3. Spending vast amounts of time jock-sniffing professional athletes, because they have a good excuse --they're using - GASP! YIKES! -- steroids. Because you have these young men and women who have honed their bodies into magnificent machines and developed their considerable talents and have gone into professional sports (like the NFL or MLB) where they will proceed to trade the viability of that body and their talents for lots of money until they become rich and crippled and retire, or retire rich and find themselves somewhat crippled forever. BUT, the idea that they might use a particular drug to help them get bigger and better is horrific, because they're only allowed to destroy their bodies and cripple themselves (and get rich) NATURALLY.

4. Pass a law saying that anyone who defaults on his credit card balance -- an UNSECURED LOAN offered without request to that person because of zip code or whatever (you can ask Fair, Isaac what the level of credit determination is) -- can no longer just give it all up and go into bankruptcy and try to start over. Not if that person is of moderate means. (This is not like the Texas Homestead law that says you can't take a person's home away, which is why, once the Enron scandal blew up, Ken Lay and the rest of them invested millions in upgrading their homes in River Oaks with built-in electronic controls, saunas, tennis courts, etc.)

5. Because there's no important business to take care of, other than attacking the opposition -- which has already become your slaveys -- as being against God and people who believe in God, because they have only passed 95% of the head bully's judicial nominees, digging in their heels only at the ones so totally bizarre that they're unqualified to even carry on an objective discussion. Some of them are so crazy because they're religious fanatics. Some because they're so sexually inverted they can only get off the way England's famous Lord Justice Goddard did (look it up). Some were child abuse victims. But really -- you show me ONE of the congress or White House mob who ever got 95% on any college test (especially the head bully) without Poppy having bought it for them.

Because there's really nothing else they need to focus on -- like (I risk sounding like a "LIBERAL" here, but trust me, that is NOT what I am) a collapsing rail and bridge and highway infrastructure; or 40 million people without medical insurance; or a CIA and an FBI neither of which can find its ass with either or both hands because in the past 5 years, the head bully and his masters and his henchmen have bullied every one of them every time one has been able to find said ass, running them out of the company, demoting them, demanding that they find instead Fidel Castro's ass or some other and call it their own; a rising number of terror events going from one or two a week in 2003 to more than one every day in 2004 with more and more people in the US understand why everyone in the world is pissed off at these swaggering shits that call themselves our government, understanding why H.L. Mencken once said:

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands,
hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."

Understanding why Rudyard Kipling, anticipating exactly these types of bullies strolling right into this sort of quagmire, flags waving, bands playing and all starry-eyed young soldiers actually believing there was a good reason to piss their lives away and that their C-in-C and his advisors know what they're doing and actually could find THEIR asses with both hands and a Geo-synchronous satellite connection:

"At the end of the fight
is a tombstone white
And the name of the late deceased
With an epitaph drear:
'A fool lies here
Who tried to hustle the East.' "

There are some members of congress who think first and think second and when they refuse, on the grounds of conscience, to go along with the lynch mob, are mocked and called names by the others and threatened.

So what does that say about us?

We let them do it.


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