Rice goes to bat for Bolton / In S.F. speech, secretary of state also rips war critics

So the woman some consider the black Ilse Koch (see below) was in town yesterday, and waving the flag for the UN candidate, John Bolt-on (which is, I believe, something like a strap-on, except more painful). But my favorite Bizarro-world moment happened when:

"...Rice's speech at the Davies Symphony Hall was interrupted briefly by four protesters wearing black hoods and robes who stood on their seats with hands outstretched, attempting to evoke imagery from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The protesters, chanting 'Stop the Torture, U.S. out of Iraq,'' were led from the audience by police without incident. The four robed protesters, along with another demonstrator in the audience, were cited for disrupting a public meeting and released.

Rice paused as police corralled the protesters but drew applause when she acknowledged the disruption, saying, 'Isn't it wonderful that we live in a country where people are allowed to speak?''"

---at which several people did NOT applaud, and said, "But they're NOT being allowed to speak. They're getting arrested!"

And, oh -- that OTHER DEMONSTRATOR was a fellow who took off his shirt, revealing a handsome USMC Bulldog tattoo and shouted:

"Hey Ilse -- you wanna make a lampshade out of this one?"

(Or perhaps it was all a fever dream. Oh please tell me it's all a fever dream.)


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