Ruthless Reviews -- one of the reasons to love the Internet

What can I say? I found them when I decided on a whim to Google "cocksucker" for the review of "Deadwood" just below this. Just read this portion of the first paragraph of their review of REVELATIONS, the TV series, and you'll know if you want to bookmark their page and subscribe to their weekly rant update email **

The verdict is in, ladies and gentlemen, and Christians, once thought to be poor, unfortunate saps afflicted with advanced insanity -- tinged with a bit of self-delusion -- have now graduated to dangerous and morally suspect; murderous, schizophrenic beasts so beyond the grasp of reason that round-the-clock shock treatments would do little but deepen the dementia. After one jaw-dropping episode of NBC's Revelations, based on the New Testament's dumbest book, we now have lasting proof that the Religious Right has secured the mainstream for its sinister agenda, I have never been so afraid for the future of this country. I'd run and hide, but these people have infiltrated every hole, sewer, and open pit in their quest to transform this country from a backwater hovel of superstitious yokeldom to a shining, crisply ordered behemoth of lockstep and zealotry.

Still undecided? Then check out their page delicately titled "Fuck Creationism."

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They promise not to give your email address to anybody but they ARE ruthless (Of course, as anyone who knows me and my feelings toward a certain woman named Ruth who married into my family -- being Ruthless is OK with me.)


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