What bothers me is this...

... as we watch the entire Middle East disintegrate into civil wars, insurrections and chaos ... and as sociopathically fanatical as some of the uneducated Muslims may be (not unlike our very own redneck fundamentalist Christians -- or don't we all remember them burning Beatles' records, lynching negro people, killing Goodman, Schwerner and Cheney, hearing TV personality Art Linkletter (admittedly after the death by suicide of his daughter, Diane) calling for the populace to attack Timothy Leary and the Beatles "... stomp on them with hob-nailed boots") There ARE, absolutely, a whole lot of monomaniacal religious crazies over there without even a peaceful Jesus to ignore (or don't we remember Cat Stevens saying that "The fatwah on Salman Rushdie was just because he mocked the Prophet in his book, so yes, he SHOULD die.")

THIS TIME the result was triggered by our arrogant invasion, standing up as the new colonial lords and telling them we were going to GIVE THEM FREEDOM. Telling them what we've been giving them IS freedom. THIS TIME, we lit the fuse.

What Monkey Boy and his puppet-masters (including, unfortunately, the required Jews to blame it on -- Wolfie, Perlie, etc) are introducing into their societies is at LEAST as radical as was integration, LSD, hippies, intermarriage, the Industrial Revolution, etc. What we are trying to "give" them is turning their society -- whether we deem them primitive or backward or just very very different -- upside down.

Or to use the wonderful words John Cage used as the title of his published diary:

How to Save the World -- You'll Only Make It Worse.

So for all my venom, for all my sense that these people (our administration) are the lowest, most soulless scum of the earth) I STILL am taken aback by the possibility that this rampant chaos WAS THE PLAN -- either to bring on the end times to satisfy their own religious sociopathology or that of "The Base," or, as has been said, "When there's chaos, there's always money to be made." (Interesting -- translate "Al Quaeda" -- it means "The Base.")

Because the Muslims went nuts the same way the GOP knew the Iranians would go nuts if Nelson Rockefeller could convince Jimmy Carter to give a compassionate visa to the former Shah so he could be treated for his cancer at Sloan-Kettering.

And I'm actually taken aback to realize that -- in my opinion -- these people are capable of that sort of cold murderous psychotic scheme.


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