Dick Durbin and the rest...

Another blog today denounced Dick Durbin as a traitor because he talked about the unpleasantness in Gitmo. Nothing new there, just some self-serving asshole using other people's pain for his own advancement. Not unlike MonkeyBoy Bush standing at ground zero and slurping up the suffering there like some WM Burroughs insect-conspirator, jerking himself off while holding his arm around an uncomfortable NYFD fellow and pretending to be an actual president.

So ok -- Dick Durbin is an asshole, Joey Lieberman is a whining ass-kissing embarrassment. Di-Di Feinstein is a right-wing Democrat. Nancy Pelosi is a real fighter -- just so long as it isn't YOUR small business she finds expendable for getting votes from the San Francisco Chinese version of the Anti-Castro South Florida Cubans.

They're pretty much ALL assholes ...

but the ONLY traitors I see, if ANYONE deserves such a harsh tag, are the vicious sonsofbitches who cooked up an illegal war as a way to pay off their pals with government (meaning OUR) money -- or is it merely a coincidence that Halliburton just landed a no-bid $30 million contract to upgrade the conditions at Gitmo?

And now, one of Bushie's own is suggesting that the WTC wouldn't have come down if someone on the inside didn't add a little bit of explosive to help it along...

If you're looking for traitors, don't look at the people who are true patriots, who are trying to force our government to be honest and live up to our own law --- look at the people who are actively betraying the constitution, stealing from the people, and killing thousands for their own profit. These are the people Henry Miller once said didn't exist: traitors to the human race.

Mr. Miller may have been right about a lot of things, but he was wrong about that one.


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