Regarding the UN and the Oil-for-Food chicanery

There are few things lower than well-positioned people stealing money (food and medicine) from sick and dying children, but it happens.

One thing that MIGHT be lower and more vicious is using a run-of-the-mill graft scam as a pretext to totally destroy an organization -- the ONLY organization, flaws and all -- that COULD represent an international consciousness, that COULD (AND HAS) decrease some of the viciousness, that COULD work to some extent if our know-it-all people would put some energy INTO it instead of just taking nattering potshots at it.

To follow through on one more of those "if you don't do this, we'll do that" ultimata involving pulling most of the funding out of the organization, in other words, making a big show prior to destroying the UN -- yeah, that's most probably even lower.

There's a simple way to overcome the frustration we feel at the corrupt way of doing business over there in New York -- ambassadors and others to the US get Diplomatic Immunity -- Ambassadors and others to the UN DON'T.

Present THAT at the general council -- that every one of them is subject to the laws of the host country -- and see what happens. At the very least, it could be fun to watch.


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