Jane Fonda and the NEW Republicans

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jane Fonda was the most exemplary dim-witted cheerleader of her day -- and I was an already-discharged anti-war person when that moronic bimbo went to Veetnam to rub up and down against NVA artillery. ("Oh, those long guns... oh General Giap, your long guns are so ... long. Oh, Uncle Ho, can I sit on your lap like I did with Daddy?")

I found that people who cheered her on seemed to be at least as partially mentally-diminished as she was. But hey -- she had a cute little pussycat face and a highly callipygian ass, so the boys all liked watching her and dreaming about slurping her presumably custard pie clam. (And oh, yeah, she did the movie Coming Home later in which she played a Marine officer's housefrau who took paraplegic Jon Voight in to her heart and her bed like a stray kitten, where he, paralyzed from the waist down -- Mirable dictu -- he slurped her clam as if it were a custard pie.

The point was this -- if you were against killing, maiming, murder and mayhem, like, oh, say Joan Baez was -- then you were against killing and maiming and etc...

If you were a moron, you said, "We should NOT be doing that -- it's BAD ... therefore the guys on the OTHER side who are doing that MUST BE GOOD." ("Rackety axe -- bite my slacks -- push 'em back, shove 'em back -- yaay team!"

So I'm supposed to be impressed that she comes back from playing Millionaire's Wife to take a role as a dumb-ass growing old? What a stretch...

Now follow the logic ...

As someone who has been a Democrat, raised as a Democrat in the days when a Republican was Joe McCarthy or the Chicken-shit-come-lately hero of D-Day, Ike, who was afeared to say word one about integrated schools, it saddened me no end to watch as the principles of the Democratic party, responding to the resurgence of the Republicans, fell down as fast as a turd falling off the Bank of America building.

But the Jane Fonda conclusion goes like this: "Our formerly Good Guys have become hypocritical, greed-crazed assholes, i.e., Bad Guys, so I should decide the OTHER hypocritical greed-crazed assholes are GOOD GUYS. -- is just more horseshit cheerleading stupid -- "Push 'em back, shove 'em back, drill for oil, eat my clam so it won't spoil. Yaaay, team."

I know -- I'll become a...REPUBLICAN!

Makes me think of when Nixon's rabid dog, Haldemann complained that he couldn't get away with the same anti-ness the other people did, referring to the famous photo when the cutest little lightly-clad Suzie Creamcheese in the world was dropping a flower-stem into a National Guardsman's rifle barrel. I think their downfall had more to do with the fact that those guys couldn't tell the difference between the two in terms of public image, more to do with that immense blind spot than that a vicious prick inthe FBI got together with his pal Woodward to pad his part and take down another vicious prick -- hell, a whole nest of 'em.

(Still goes on -- Dick Cheney, perhaps the most offensive thug we've seen above ground in any administration -- being "offended" by Amnesty International puts him in the class of people with world-class level distorted and perverted ideas of what they look like to the rest of the world, like, say, Michael Jackson... and I get the image of Dick Cheney talking in a high squeaky voice and saying, "Oh, but I just want to HUG Iraq. I wouldn't hurt Iraq. We just play together.")

The Democrats died when they DIDN'T have a real Republican Party to oppose them, just as the Republican Party has died/is dying in the immoderate grip of the Bush-wah people because it doesn't have any real oppostion form the Democrats.

And the choice to become a member of the OTHER moribund organization is just a matter of deciding to jump to the winner's side whether they be Vegetarians, Nazi's, Bull Moose, or what.

And if you do -- you'd better have a tush as cutesy pie as Ms Fonda's was when she still didn't mind making her money saying cutesy things like, "That's some Tintoretto."

Now -- as to Howard Dean --- Jeezus, I don't have to worry about my effect on voters and local organizations, and even I know Republicans who not only work hard -- long hard days -- but believe in certain principles and stick to them, have stuck to them even living in San Francisco where being GOP does not improve your chances of being invited to parties.

Makes me think an old friend -- Howard Gossage -- was right many years ago when he said, "Aside from you and me, I've never seen another man named Howard worth pissing on."

So to those of the formerly us (Democrats) now the currently YOU (Democrats) who were so sorry the only kid in America born richer and whiter than Monkey Boy and who had an even WORSE record of service during Vietnam didn't get to run for prez .. you get it now?

And just in case my point was obscured by the various tangents I brought in:

Becoming a Republican because the Democrats turned out to be as woofty and weak as a collective popcorn fart, is trading one bad bag of crap for another and then having to smack your lips and say, "Mmmm-good, yummy, mmm."

Becoming a Republican because you can't handle the idea of joining any party that actually represents your ideas and ideals, but isn't about to win the big ones -- or perhaps even the small ones -- is behaving as Monkey Boy and Howard Dean BOTH did during the Vietnam era -- craven, hypocritical, and chickenshit chickenshit chickenshit.

The loss of Communism has caused Capitalism to grow fat, arrogant, overbearing, stupid, and moribund.

The loss of Republican opposition after Ike cause the Democratic party to grow fat, arrogant, overbearing, stupid, and moribund.

The loss of Democratic opposition since Reagan-Bush has caused the Republican Party to grow fat, arrogant, overbearing, stupid, and moribund.

The empire doesn't collapse because people go to strip clubs or hookers, take drugs or say to their gay acquaintances, "Hey, you want to get married? Why the hell not?"

The empire collapses because of its own success.

It's called CYCLES, and even Harley-Davidson had to go through a great big up-and-down one.

We've had a real good ride, and now we have a government that KNOWS it's going down and instead of doing anything to relieve the pain and suffering that comes with the down cycle, is just in there, all asses and elbows, down on the floor like pigs fighting for the trough, to get every last bit of whatever they can get before it's gone.

And the Late William Burroughs, who wrote the history of Post-WWII America in Naked Lunch and, more so, in Nova Express, described it so well:

"So pack yer ermines, Mary, cause the whole shithouse is about to go up in chunks."


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