What a difference a century makes ...

I was driving across the bridge yesterday and thinking about our president, thinking that the man has Adult Attention Deficit Disorder -- that would explain why he never completes anything, not his National Guard Service, not Arbusto Oil, not his involvement with the Texas Rangers, not his "We will hunt him down" committment to finding Osama Ben Ladn ...

He just loses interest and forgets what it was he was doing. He's not dumb, he's got a neurological disorder that makes him a wonderful tool for the oil-money-property monomaniacs who paid for his ticket. In other words, he's not dumb -- he's a fool. He forgets about finding the perp and goes off to play with his video games.

He's also a blustering swaggering full-of-crap overbearing bully who delights in pushing around anyone littler than his daddy's money has made him. And that's why I thought of the following:

1901 -- Teddy Roosevelt, his motto:

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

2001 -- George W Bush, his motto:

"Talk tough and play with your own dick; your pals will get rich."


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