London Explosions Kill at Least 33 -- Londoners ready to lynch Arabs or Muslims or whatever Brown People they can find

Blair Calls Apparent Terror Attacks 'Barbaric' Acts

By Glenn Frankel and Fred Barbash
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, July 7, 2005; 1:24 PM

LONDON, July 7 -- Explosions rocked the transportation system across an arc of central London on Thursday morning, injuring more than 345 people and killing at least 33 with the numbers expected to rise, according to early reports.

Described by authorities as a coordinated terrorist attack, three separate blasts detonated without warning in subway carriages underground near three stations of London's subway system. Another tore apart a double-decker bus.

---and all morning, people assumed -- as they did in Oklahoma City that hideous day -- "IT WAS MUSLIMS."

Well, as Malcolm X found out, there are Swedish Muslims and Spanish Muslims and Tutsi Muslims and etc... but they'd rather not say "Sand Niggers," or "Rag-Heads," or "Camel Jockeys," because they've all become enlightened enough to know that -- while that's what they still think they ALL are -- they've found out the rest of us recognize them -- properly -- and racist bigoted asshole scum. But the lynch mob was there this morning -- you could see it behind the reporters... looking for an Ayrab to string up.

There are also desperate, psychopathic True Believers with names like McVeigh and North and Calley and Sharon and Bush and Rumsfeld and Blair and Etcetera. Hell, the timing was so precise, maybe it was the Swiss with their great watches.

So as of 8:30 PM Greenwich Time, right or wrong, the emotional money is on the Semites with the robes. We'll see. Either they'll find the guys responsible, or they'll find the new version of Marinus Ven Der Lubbe, the poor schmuck the Nazis found to blame the Reichstag Fire on ... beat the crap out of him until he claimed responsibility -- a good choice since he had a habit of doing that for other things he hadn't done. Achmed Van Der Lubbe this time.


--- it doesn't matter that "The Secret Organization of al-Quaida in Europe" later claimed responsibility for the deed. They may have even done it. The point here was to comment on that good old-fashioned "Gimme a rope and let's hang some darkies," fervor sweeping the crowds. There are enough people world-wide pretending to care about the victims ... hell, most of them probably even believe they're being sincere.


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